Mindscape is your virtual support.
Designed to support the home worker.
Mindscape is here to help you manage overwhelmed or lonely feelings at work and to encourage positive thinking and mindfulness.

Our Story

Mindscape was established during the COVID-19 pandemic.With so many of us now working from home, it has posed different challenges for our mental health.

Of course working from home has it's benefits, less commuting and wearing joggers that your colleagues can't see! But there is another side. Whether it is seeing colleagues less, feeling isolated, managing a family home whilst working or working in an unsuitable environment. There are lots of challenges that people have faced working from home.

So here at Mindscape, we wanted to created an easily accessible site that anyone could use at any time to help ease some of these tensions. Whether it is to follow our daily lift checklist, listen to some calming audio or get all your stresses out on the page. There is something for everyone here.

Further Support

We also want to help reduce the stigma and shyness towards the subjects of mental health and mindfulness. We hope that the tools at Mindscape have helped you. If you would like to explore other areas of mindfullness and meditation or you perhaps want to find out more about mental health services, we have included some other sites below.